Nitro Slowrise


Color Availability:

  6″ 7″ 8″     6″ 7″ 8″
Black & Gold with holofoil X X X   Jo Perch X   X
Black & Gold with bold holofoil     X   Lemonhead     X
Black & Silver with holofoil X X X   Lighteye X X X
Black Sucker X X X   Lighteye with holofoil     X
Copper Tiger     X   Mr. Bluegill     X
Darkeye X X X   Prism Perch     X
Darkeye with holofoil     X   Rusty X  
Fire Perch X       The Natural X X X
Fire Perch with holofoil     X   White Lightning     X
Golden Shiner with holofoil X X X          


ACTION:  A more consistent walk the dog style action with a belly roll than the regular Nitro.
DEPTH:  3 to 5 feet
FEATURES:  A weight insert at the balance point to add weight to adjust the hang time.  Weights are sold separately.  See the Weight Sets page.

The Nitro Slowrise floats at rest and can be made to sink by adding weight.  

See it in Action:


Rugged Bait Construction:

  • 2 coats of thinned epoxy that soaks into and seals the wood
  • 1 coat of primer
  • Molded eyes
  • Wolverine stainless triple split rings
  • Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • 1 to 1 1/2″ long, .092 diameter stainless steel screw eyes (which are glued in)
  • Multiple coats of epoxy 

Approximate Length and Weight:

Small 6″ 2.0 ounces $16.00
Medium 7″ 2.7 ounces $18.00
Large 8″ 3.4 ounces $20.00