Color Availability:

  6″ 7″ 8″        6″ 7″ 8″
Alien     X   Golden Shiner with holofoil X    
Black & Gold with holofoil   X  X   Jo Perch      X
Black & Silver with holofoil   X X   Jo Perch with holofoil     X
Black Sucker X   X   Lemonhead     X
Blue Mackerel     X   Lighteye     X
Brown Sucker     X   Lighteye with holofoil     X
Darkeye   X   Mr Bluegill     X
Darkeye with holofoil     X   Rusty     X
Fire Perch     X   Tennessee Shad     X
Fire Perch with holofoil     X   The Natural     X
          White Lightning     X


MADE FROM:  Soft Maple
ACTION:  Walk the dog with a belly roll
DEPTH:  2 to 5 feet – sinks about half of a foot per second

When worked with longer pauses the Nitro has a tendency to glide slightly downward.  On the next tap it will glide slightly upward.  The bait has a waggle on the glide. It can be worked slow to fast.  The faster you work it, the less waggle, but it still has a belly roll and is more erratic. 


See it in Action:

Rugged Bait Construction:

  • 2 coats of thinned epoxy that soaks into and seals the wood
  • 1 coat of primer
  • Molded eyes
  • Wolverine stainless triple split rings
  • Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • 1 to 1 1/2″ long, .092 diameter stainless steel screw eyes (which are glued in)
  • Multiple coats of epoxy 

Approximate Length and Weight:

Small 6″ 2.7 ounces $16.00
Medium 7″ 3.7 ounces $18.00
Large 8″ 5.0 ounces $20.00