X Glide

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ACTION:  Wobbles as it sinks and makes a wigwag motion when retrieved, kind of like an X, hence the name.
DEPTH:  Sinking 

Work the bait with soft to medium taps, 1 to 6 inches at the rod tip with no slack in the line.  It does not take much to work it.  If it comes straight, you have pulled too hard or long.  The bait can be worked very, very slow.  The faster you work it, the more the belly rolls.

See it in Action:

Rugged Bait Construction:

  • 2 coats of thinned epoxy that soaks into and seals the wood
  • 1 coat of primer
  • Molded eyes
  • Wolverine stainless triple split rings
  • Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • 1 to 1 1/2″ long, .092 diameter stainless steel screw eyes (which are glued in)
  • Multiple coats of epoxy 

Approximate Length and Weight:

Medium 7″ 4.4 ounces $18.00
Large 8″ 5.8 ounces $20.00